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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I would like to cordially invite you to visit one of our services. If you are looking for an old fashioned, traditional, Bible church, then please consider paying us a visit. God loves you and we do too. At our church, you will find a unified congregation that is committed to the will of God.We stand on the King James Bible, love people and strive to win the lost. A successful life is a life built on the Word of God and the local New Testament Church. We emphasize Bible authority, the sanctity of marriage and the family structure. The proof is in the pudding. Look at the product of worldly, compromising churches and then look at the fruit of those who stay true to God in a Bible preaching, separated, soul-winning church. The world is changing, but God and the Bible is not nor ever will. We simply preach the Bible as it is to men as they are. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. You may like it. If you are looking for common sense, wisdom from the Bible, then why not give us a visit. If the parents, the preacher and the church are unified through the Word of God, our children can turn out right. The only hope that America has is that families will build their lives on the Word of God. Christ is still the answer. I you do not know that you are going to heaven when you die, please read
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the Bible way to heaven.